Shanghai Dianba New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Projects show
Shanghai cao creek road in power station
Ganzhou in jiangxi province in power station
Dalian filling in power station
Tangshan caofeidian fill in power station
Nantong, jiangsu haian filling in power station
In fuzhou in power station
Ningxia yinchuan electric vehicle in power station
Company profile

Shanghai Dianba New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a long-term commitment to the field of pure electric vehicle charging infrastructure development manufacturing and charging station construction operation of high-tech enterprises, my company's quick replaceable power battery commercial vehicle system is the present domestic only can be put into commercial operation of green electric transportation systems. Our technical solution successfully solved the pure electric vehicles because of a lack of charging mileage and charging time is too long, the continuous operation of electric commercial car,This technology has achieved a number of national invention patent and patent protection abroad.

Video electricity the quick change system

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